iHomeTouch. Home automation at your finger tips

Available on the App Store

X10 Remote for iPad and iPhone

  • Rooms

    Assign multiple areas on a photo to control a device.

    Touch the photo to dim lights, and control other appliances.

    Long press to toggle a device.

  • Stay in Control

    When a device is controlled anywhere in your home, via the app or RF remote, the server informs iHomeTouch, keeping you up to date with what’s happening in your home.

  • iCloud

    Your settings synchronise across iCloud so you only have to configure the server once.

  • HomeGenie

    With an in-app purchase, iHomeTouch works with the popular X10 server software, HomeGenie.


  • iHomeTouch Server

    Version 2.1.

    OurĀ little server app gives iHomeTouch it’s power. You’ll need to install this along with ActiveHome SDK to control your X10 devices.

  • ActiveHome SDK

    iHomeTouch Server requires the ActiveHome SKD, in order to talk with the CM15 Pro.